Harvest water from air

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How It Works:

Ever noticed how the outside of a cold cup of lemonade gets wet? When water vapor in the air comes into contact with something cold its molecules slow down and get closer together. When that happens, the water vapor turns into liquid water droplets.

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Our machine simply speed up that process using electricity, and can pump water to plants that need it. Whether you're an Urban, Hydroponic, Aquaponic, or Fogponic farmer, you can now make water right where you need it by pulling it out of the air.

DG-10 Specifications

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20” cube
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Max Efficiency:
80˚F/ 80%
per 10 gal. (38 L)
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Max Water Output:
10 gal. (38L) every
24 hours

Our Goal:

We are moving into a world where people can make their own food, their own electricity, and their own water. We believe in technology that can support a completely sustainable and independent lifestyle, and that we can achieve the potential we see for the world and for ourselves.

Environmental Solutions:

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Removes greenhouse gas (water vapor) to slow global warming.

Save cities water and power by not using municipal water.

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Doesn't affect ground water levels, marine life, or freshwater ecosystems which is where over 75% of our current water comes from.

With additional solar panel kit the machine can run off of solar power- allowing it to make water completely off the grid.

The DewGood Vision

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To make their own water and never drink tap again.

Greenhouse growers

To recycle the humidity in the air back into water for more water neutral farming.

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To make their own water at home and avoid regulation with water that’s truly sustainable.


To make fresh water for clients and to cook with, without the taste of tap water.

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To help teach kids about the water cycle and the potential of Water Neutral Farming.


The DG-10 is entirely controlled via bluetooth with our easy to use app

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Controls humidity level

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Set water production

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Record and analyze atmosphere